I still don't have one...

Self Amped Phone Charger Stand Thingy

The masses love these things. Having lost count let’s just say that I’ve made several many of them. Every phone stand I make either gets sold or given away. I can’t keep one more than a few days.

The perfect gift that’s not too pricey and the gift getter is guaranteed not to have one. The idea isn’t mine and sadly, I don’t recall where I found it.

Most folks haven’t a clue how long it takes to make things out of wood (and as my oldest keeps telling me, most don’t care), but these little fellas, as simple as they look, take 2 days to produce.

Your charger cord runs through a slot in the back, you plug your phone in and place it in the slot on top. The openings act as a natural acoustic amp.

They run from 30 to 75 dollars depending on the wood. Yes, some woods are pricey.